Well, hi.

Brand new blog. Never know what to do in the first post.

Call me Maxil. It’s my middle name.

I’m 21, black and queer from Sydney, Australia. I live in Melbourne. Well, permanently, but I’m temporarily in Germany until November.

I have three cats. I am disabled. I like stilettos and lipstick.

My pronouns are they/them.

Look forward to blogging again. I used to blog on blogger back in 2009-2011. Then when the site turned to shit due to the Google buyout, most of us exodused to Tumblr. I missed proper blogging, though.

I’m a writer, an artist and an amateur designer. I also know a lot about stuff.

I’m looking forward to blogging. Especially since there’s an app to do it from now. It’s 2015, the future is wild.

Love ya.